Sunday, August 4, 2013

Miss Malaysia Earth 2013

This is my first time in my life who participate in Miss Malaysia Earth Beauty Pageant 2013. I was representing as Miss Perak Earth 4th Runner up to participating this pageant in my life. At first when i was knowing i'm going in this pageant, honestly i was hell so excited that i have this chance in my life. Because i thought i does not have this such of luck.

And so was that day comes, 11 july 2013. i'm prepare everything my luggage, eco-wear for fashion show and i bring myself into the camp and i dress and make up nicely to meet the girls. =) So i intend going early to check- in hotel, but guess i'm not the earlier one but i saw others pretty contestant from others state are there, sitting very quite because we does not know each others yet. I heard Phine (organiser existent manager) say that gonna be 3 person in a room. 

 So i taking with curious mood to wait who are the room-mate going to stay with me. Lucky my second room mate is one of us, Charmaine loh the winner of Miss Perak Earth, she was pretty and young. But till i meet the rest of the girls and yet i still not meet my third room mate yet, hmmm...curious.  I meet my first contestant from Singapore, her name was Lena, she was pretty and very friendly that I meet her. Her impression giving me was she is a taught never break her down. We back after lunch they only know we have to report to our organize whatever we go, just let them know we not around their sight...sighh haha. We both know been scold right hehe....

In meantime, we have to get prepare about the first conference show later. We dress up and make up and get ready for the show. Due to the show going to be end, i finally meet my third room mate, she from Sabah, name Cindy Foo. the reason why i;m so curious about her it because she is wearing braces same as me in the pageant. Cool, and we were same room, oh my god....haha! She nice and quite type like me. It does not mean i'm not activite.. =.=" Then the rest of the pretty girls i meet wish i remember their name, is Sarah, Charlynn, JoJo, Ariesa, Yawa, Jane, Jade, Brunice, Angle, Shaminin, Monica, Stefanie, Esther, Rosly, Jolelynn, Lydia, Mei Mei, Sheena,  Joanne..there are so nice ^^ and there all so pretty.

It was a 11 days schedule, but here i just shorten and straight to the main point, hope you guys wont mind haha!! >< So the second day started pack our things again and continue for our next station in sungai siput, we will stay there for two days. And we got fashion show, greeting show and of course another competition too. We having lunch in Hotel there proceed to next area. all the while in the bus i saw some of the girls are meet their friends already. So am i too, Yawa, she is pretty and she talkative like me once we got same topic . i spend this timing to get to know others girls. Honestly i kinda not really so into in moving my luggage here and there at the first time. duh, because i got five luggage man...>< arhhhhh...i was just so....damn that time. But no choice and i saw i'm not the one who only got five luggage in this trip =.=" lucky lucky man..... tonight show will be showing in the same hotel but difference branches since they sponsor our stay in this pageant.  the show we going to dress in traditional wear, which is three difference races or any others to present our country Malaysia. I'm Chinese should be wearing our Chinese traditional cheongsam but i choose to wearing in Malay seem they might be some of the girls who wearing cheongsam too. So better wont consider wearing similar costume. We do our rehearsal, cat walk and learn how to dance during the show. Tire cause need to wearing high heel (like 6 inch) duh!! practice all the time, but happy =)

One the other day, all the girls rather don't take breakfast because there will be a bikini photographer competition, and so next will be talent competition. Oh my god, that is was y first time in my life wearing bikini let around 400 photographer take photo..oh gosh..i was just arrhhhh!!!!! But lucky i meet a guy that he recognize me and be with and teach me how to posting. I feel so safe that time >< haha. Later on having lunch with sponsor again back to our hotel resting. 
Charity of visiting Orphan is the most valuable and sadness story to me, this is because i was so pity on them and cry out without control my feelings. I can't control my feeling that time.... >< having visit and company the sponsor with few places. We head back to hotel again. Sound like we have tide schedule, right? Honestly it is!!   

Eco-wear is another competition in meaning using anything in recycle to design a dress. Because we all are mother of earth right, save the world haha...just kidding! Why i using leaf and flower, because it reminds the natural and fauna..reminds the important of forest. the  materials in my dress is "STRAW, BOTTLE CAP, PLASTIC LEAF" in order to created my dress. Trust me, it is not easy to finish this ...without my mom help me =.=""""""'

Here comes to talent competition, why talent competition meaning not only beauty but need your personal special talent also. special talent can be anything, singing, dancing, magic show if u can, perform anything you are talent to this day is the day you can show off your talent. Well, my talent is not singing, not dancing, not even play any music instrument, just cooking. But there are no cooking instrument or any tools provide in the stage, so i choose to sing in as my lovely singer Hillary Duff, song "What Dream Are Made of". I had upload to youtube too, during im singing >< haha...please, don't criticize me after heard i'm singing, because i'm not train to be sing and i didnt practice singing all the time. Car washing is another charity activities we goes on, earn money weish depends by the car owner haha.... we all girls having fun together, play together, and wash car together. the good news is, 2 hour we had earn at least RM1,000 ++ whoa, that's a good result. 
Still, not only go for competition everyday, but organize do gave us time to visit famous place around Perak State for holiday. Cameron highland, the place in mountain weather is cold, wet, nice and the place mostly farming and fruits. We when for visit and have a taste ice-cream who made by fresh strawberry   ^^  famous biscuit, in my home town, chicken noodles,  seafood in Kuala Sepating beside the river in taiping and some famous restaurant which is represent in our perak state good food.  Haha, mostly the time was eat eat and eat oh come on i felt not again haha....
But still need to practice catwalk, and rehearsal for the coming final events. We dance Korean pop, "gentleman" it was fun, shake shake ass..... ^^  Before final, on the previous day there will be "pre-judging", who will become the winner or not it depends on the judging. Our organize will come to check on us whether got make up of put any sponge in our bikini top to firm up their breast haha...they check, so no cheating...We all the girls have to one by one meet 6 of those judging with no make up and wearing bikini. Well, it just like an interview you sit there with a nice pose of course bikini..and you just answer them for what they ask you, just chit chat with them. After "pre-judging" honestly, event there is final tomorrow but i feel so damn comfortable man..having such of this feeling....totally relaxing.

The last day, is most excited day. Arrhhhh, we started make up after lunch, sponsor Sub make up school, and hair make up academy help us to do hair and make up. Till before the show start we all girls get ready for the back stage having our dinner first, then go get changing. Hell man, the air-con was freezing me >.< maybe i'm getting very weak, so i am feel so cold. =.= The first show is introduction round, one by one head out and introduce yourself, which state you are present from. The second is bikini wear, third is eco-wear (dress design by special artist with some recycle plastic on the dress), last is elegant gown round. finally come to the top 11 then we performance the dance "gentlemen" Then here come to the winner announce part. Since i'm not the winner, but i do appreciate the top 5 of the winner, which is JoJo, winner of Miss Malaysia Earth, Charmine the 1t runner up of Miss Malaysia Air, Mannega Venum the 2nd runner up of Miss Malaysia Water, Joylne the 3rd runner up of Miss Malaysia Fire and the last is stefani which is the 4th runner up of Miss Malaysia Eco-Tourism 2013 of the year. I didn't felt sad, disappointed of what, no worry and don't think too much, but in my view, there are deserve it and they are talent, smart, knowledgeable of to take care the environment =) and there all very they deserve to be true beauty queen. At last, i am appreciate i have this chance to gain such treasure moment as i thought i never have this chance.  ^^

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Break maker

We bought a bread maker since we use coupon to exchange. Well, is not free but consider cheaper than normal price. RM179 something if not wrong. And is part of my darling now, I'm gonna spend some moment to improve relationship with bread maker haha... 

Because of em.. Baking a cake is getting now easy and easier... ^^ everything you just prepare ingredient follow by the procedure step by step then you can make a bread or cake... :-) 

Below is the experience and testing due baking a cake.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Visiting the village in "tong guo" in guang Zhou china

12/5/2013, Sunday

Me and my mom promise my grandma accompany her back to china visit her family and relatives. So my mom already booking the flights since from February mata fair promotion, and lucky we got cheaper Mas airlines ticket price.

Hence, we wake up early morning around 3.00am and we need to go to KLIA international airport at 4.30pm. I barely wake up in the morning.. Aiks... >< clean my face double checking my luggage then we prepare our journey already. Of course I continue my sleep inside the car :-P 

We reach the airport around 6.45am early morning. KLIA airport starting get more people come to check in. We have to avoid the crowded so we check in early first then we plan when to "premium  lounge cafe" to having our breakfast. Before we go to breakfast, since my grandma can't walk probably with her stand. So my mom had request a wheelchair service with a staff come to bring us go to the next station. Cause of my grandma, we got primary priority.. Hehe. Okay, back to our breakfast and I was mention about we having our meal in five star cafe lounge "premium lounge cafe",original price one person need RM120. And we got priority service, we got free breakfast in the lounge. Taste delicious, food look tiny and cute, and got very strong wifi services or free computer for you to online ^_^ . 

Around 8.45am, the staff come back meet us again and bring us to the gate get ready get into the plane. Services was good... Hehe, maybe we are priority guest. :-D   But the bad things happen is the plane awfully full of salty fish smell. The air hosted say the previous guest dunno why their bring salty fish inside the plane, that was sucks man! And pity them the entire crew was being ignorance complaint. The smell only gone when we already in the middle of the sky haha. I love the air-food, we three person order noodle sweet and sour fish, got bun, fruit. Yogurt, orange juice and fruit bar. Yummy, but I don't like the noodle because the noodle was too salty >_<. Nothing is perfect haha....

We reach guang Zhou at 1.30pm, and my grandma relatives come to pick us. A Australian suddenly come to talk to me and hope we can meet some place but I had reject his request. Because I follow my relatives going around I can't put myself free for going out anyway plus my mom never allow me go out with a stranger. The funny things is I can't accept the place there were living, the place was too.... Terrible, old, pack, inconvenience and always visit by mosquito. So I was shout to my mom this place was...."awesome"!! And lucky my mom think the same with me. We can't afford to stay there., so we change to another relatives house to stay. Good that their house is better than the previous one. >_< haizzzz..... Scary me! No.... I can't afford village life..but still I go  to know and experience their real life style. At night dinner except us, my grandma already call her relative more than 82 people. Aweee awful man, me and my mom does not recognize them at all hehe.. But my grandma. 10 dishes that night they order =_= oh my god, how can I ate all this. So I describe shortly that, we success change place to sleep and we slept well.

13/5/2013, Monday 

This day consider is the visit day for my grandma. So here comes to my mom ad meg course company her as well. But me kinda bored there. In the morning we take bao as our breakfast. Bao is my favorite. Lucky one of my grandma relatives daughter got buy bao with wheat, so I got bao with my own coffee. I can't afford my breakfast having rice or porridge in the morning. So I rather take bread or dim sum those light food as my meal... >< rice rice rice, oh my god! No next time, I swear won't follow anyone go to china. So my fith aunty bring us go walk around their farm. And take some awesome 100% pure village style as my experience. Lunch time, another relatives invite us join them lunch together. As long as similar meal as the previous relatives. They chit chat but me only sat there alone playing iPhone like what I did right now( writing note, playing fames ). Till their finish their talk, so a uncle zan brings us go along their town to shop. Is a very small town of their own... Is not a big plaza but I had my biggest yam ice-cream in china McDonald. When to 7 eleven I saw a lot of their special like Japanese style and instant rice and you can having inside the store. We walk till around 3 something then we decide to go back because is hot and nothing have to shop out there. Back at home, take a bath rest, then dinner time already. China people very early to take their meal. A another relatives invites us join thei meal also..., but one of my grandma Yi Poh cook one fish name "Yong tou ling Yu", it is very special for me this is because that is fish but actually inside the fish stomach is pork I can't taste any fish meat inside. Very yummy .... XD sooner, go back take a rest then sleep. 

14/5/2013, Tuesday 

Shopping day, they bring us go yun nam Wanda plaza. A new and gigantic plaza in yun nan, about 3 years only. Huge and everything difference in the mall, we company my grandma and aunt go having a china noodle restaurant in the mall. Honestly, I know I'm small eater but the way their noodle for one person is too huge for me. I can say that is scary >_<'', but due to the reason that got old people here and can't walk to much, so second round Starbucks again with a cup of ht vanilla latte green tea cheese cake and wait for aunty ling come to picks us. Damn that's bored man... =_= back relatives house dinner then I continue play my subway game till I fall asleep. That's is a day for me =_=... 

15/5/2013, Wednesday 

We take our breakfast nearby relatives house. Dim sum, with egg tart ^^ but there no smoking area or non smoking area inside the restaurant. There is a lot of smoker are smoking. I felt hard to breath and desperate haha..., =_='' 
After breakfast so we continue our journey, we take at least half hour express Way to guang Zhou city... Auntie Wah Jie bring us go to Beijing street to shopping. That place was awesome for female to shopping. XD we had bought a lot of clothes, having our lunch all day long lingering in Beijing street. 4 around we left and intend go visit the main building 488 highs name "Canton tower". 20 china dollar. Compare to Malaysia ringgit only RM10. Guan wu street, Qing Wu village is our next station for us to having our dinner. This restuarant consider quite beautiful compare before that. And I ate a lot of their wo tiep dessert and I very like it, it is very special menu in china. A tire and valuable day in guang Zhou for me :-) 

16/5/2013, Thursdays 

Again I have my favorite egg tart as my breakfast, 2 I ate of them =_=... We already pack all of those stuff gosh, I wish there have a guy help us out haha... Meantime, is the sadness moment for my grandma because she have to leave her home town already and don't know when she can come back, since my grandma leg getting very inconvenience to walk. Picture for memory of course, I become a camera girl help them to snap picture. Although is bored but I had fun at last and is very meaningful experience for me. 

^_^v cheer.... Well, my apologize! I had bad English gramma. I hope readers can understand what I'm writing hehe.. =_='

Thank you for your very pleasure moment !